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916document.getElementById "ak_js_2" .setAttribute "value", new Date .getTime Sun: By Appointment Only At Houston Groutsmith, we use gentle, effective methods, products, and equipment to transform : your shower grout and tile. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS Call Your Local Sir Grout Today Floors 8211 , Showers 8211 Counters 8211 Tubs 8211 Vanities Tables 8211 Walls. We Service It All! Outstanding Work By An Excellent Crew.The crew was punctual and professional. Their excellent work made it possible to place my home for sale. I highly recommend KC Tile Restoration! "Wesley Preston and his company have proven to be the best at what they do for over 14 yrs. I've worked with them. I'm a general contractor and have contracted with them on several successful projects. I highly recommend them and do even when we're not working together on a project."a clear view window cleaningAt Clearview Building Services, the safety of our team members, clients and public is always our primary importance in everything we do. "I would recommend A Clearview Window Cleaning Services to anyone who wants high quality window cleaning services. They , do a professional job, they respect my property and their rates are very reasonable." Last Name Clearview Window , Cleaning has been providing professional window cleaning and pressure washing services to Metro Atlanta for over 20 years. As a family-owned business we understand the need to provide the highest quality window cleaning services and customer relations in order to be successful. We are licensed and insured. We thoroughly train our techs as well as do full back ground checks to ensure the highest quality work possible. Pressure washing simply uses too much force for your roof to handle. It doesn’t treat the algae effectively it will also damage your roof. Our team uses a method of cleaning called soft washing to protect your roof. This guaranteed-safe approach is the best way to keep your shingles clean. Using our no-pressure application system, an innovative chemical cleaning mix, and safe roof cleaning practices, we can effectively restore your roof to its superior condition.window cleaning servicesWe are proud to be New York’s top residential and commercial window cleaning and tinting services provider. To get to know us better, please take a few minutes to learn about our company’s services, offerings, and discounts. If you are interested in , any of our services — window cleaning, window tinting, glass restoration or any other service — please do not hesitate to call or email us. We serve all of Long Island, including Brooklyn. Window washing is tricky- its important not to leave too much soap residue on the window, as this will cause streaks when the window dries. A little bit of dish soap diluted in water can be used to clean windows, but its important to rinse well with pure water afterwards. If youre using a squeegee, make sure to streak the window clean in one smooth motion! """""""""

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